Things to Make and Do.

My third site of the week is

This amazing site has shed loads of things to do, from making Play Dough and Sculpting Faces to making Gift Boxes and Trinket Trays to Potato Printing and Glass Painting, the list just seems to be endless. And all with downloadable templates.

The site has been developed by Jo Lovejoy a wife and mum of 4.
Where do you find the time to craft with such a large family Jo?

I am going to have so much fun crafting with these ideas and enjoying time spent with my grandson.
I think we’ll start with a Snowglobe.
Speak soon…

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Christmas Kitty.

I thought you might like to see our new Kitty.

Our pretty little Kitty.

A wave from Cairo.

Cairo. So Sweet.

I think she has a thing for the Christmas Tree, she’s constantly running up and down it, I’ve redressed it everyday since Cairo arrived.

We put our tree up early because my son had to go away to sea and is away untill April, so we had an early Christmas for him and Cairo has spent the last 3 weeks chasing up and down the tree and driving us all mad.Lol

We love her to bits.

Crafty Storage.

For my second site of the week I picked this lovely site by Paula Pascual called Crafty Storage.

It isn’t a “crafts” site as such but is an amazing idea for a craft blog.

It’s all about storing  craft items and has some great videos and photos  showing other crafters studios.

You will pick up some cool ideas for finding places to put all of your craft bits and bobs. I’m green with envy at all of those beautiful studios we are privileged to see.

I fell in love with them all so go check out the site at this link.

My personal favorite was Brenda Waltons Studio, I’d love my to look just like that.

Very cool site Paula.

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