It’s one of those days when…

you just wanna sew or something.

But I’ve got too much to do today to even think about sewing or knitting or anything crafty.

My bedroom is in dire need of cleaning up, craft bits everywhere and the garden still hasn’t been “put to bed” for the winter. Maybe it’s to early or to late for the garden, I don’t know I’m not much of a gardener. Still it needs some TLC and I think I’d better get on with it.

One of my rooms needs to be decorated before Christmas and a trip to town to check out the paint, pay bills and get some food in is necessary .Grr!

I really can’t be bothered to do any of it, that’s why I’m writing this. Delaying tactics.

Mind you I could check out the curtain fabric at my local fabric shop while I’m in town, wouldn’t mind some new curtains for the hallway, stairs and landing windows. Nets would be nice as well.  Hehe now we’re talkin’ 🙂

Thats a good enough excuse to go shopping if ever I could make one up.

Then there’s Poundland for some card making bit’s!!

I need to checkout this years Christmas trees too, mine has seen better days so I think its time for a new one and perhaps some new decs. 🙂

Garden can wait till I get back, or maybe next week and my bedrooms not so bad now that I think about it, but I won’t look.

I wonder if Darling Daughter wants to come too? Lunch should persuade her… Mmm!

Speak later folks.

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