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Battersea Dogs Home Blanket.

Not a Christmas make but by the time I’m finished it will be Christmas.

Battersea Dogs Home have put out a plea for knitted blankets for the doggies to keep them warm this winter. If you want to help out just click on the link and go to The Guardian Newspaper website for information and get your needles out. There you will find a pattern for the blanket squares and the address to send them too.

My own efforts are a little slow, I am not much of a knitter, but I am enjoying the challenge.

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations.

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Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

Want to make your own Christmas decorations? Ever tried Salt Dough? You will love this and so will the kids.

Salt Dough is cheap, easy and fun.

We have made our own decorations this year and my grandsons enjoyed every minute of it, so did I.

What you will need.

Salt dough. (recipe to follow)

A baking sheet and grease proof paper.

Christmas cookie cutters.

Poster paint or acrylics in Christmas colours.


Paint brushes.

Varnish.  (Craft varnish is best but I used wood varnish and I know someone who used boat varnish. I’m not sure about the safty of wood and boat varnish so best the adults do this bit.)

Plus some very narrow ribbon or paper clips.

The Salt Dough recipe

For the decorations in the picture above we used…

One large mug of plain flour. (I think it is also called All Purpose Flour)

Half a mug of Salt

Half a mug of warm water

Mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Using your hands, bring the dough into a nice firm ball. You don’t want it too sticky so have some extra flour to hand. When it’s mixed it will look just like bread dough.  Place the ball of dough on a lightly floured surface and knead for five minutes, then let the dough stand for a quarter of and hour. Now it is ready to used. See I said it was quick and easy didn’t I? Now comes the fun bit.

Roll the dough out to about 1/2 to 1cms (1/4 to1/2 inch) and let the kids loose with the cookie cutters. When they have had their fill of fun, which could take a while, place the cut outs on to the greaseproof lined baking tray, make holes in the tops with a straw, for the ribbon to go through,  and bake at 100 degrees C (200F or 1/4 gas) for about 2 to 3 hours.

Let them cool and paint, glitter and varnish.

This is a great way to spend an afternoon with the whole family. You can even watch the TV while you are doing it.


Things to Make and Do.

My third site of the week is

This amazing site has shed loads of things to do, from making Play Dough and Sculpting Faces to making Gift Boxes and Trinket Trays to Potato Printing and Glass Painting, the list just seems to be endless. And all with downloadable templates.

The site has been developed by Jo Lovejoy a wife and mum of 4.
Where do you find the time to craft with such a large family Jo?

I am going to have so much fun crafting with these ideas and enjoying time spent with my grandson.
I think we’ll start with a Snowglobe.
Speak soon…

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Christmas Kitty.

I thought you might like to see our new Kitty.

Our pretty little Kitty.

A wave from Cairo.

Cairo. So Sweet.

I think she has a thing for the Christmas Tree, she’s constantly running up and down it, I’ve redressed it everyday since Cairo arrived.

We put our tree up early because my son had to go away to sea and is away untill April, so we had an early Christmas for him and Cairo has spent the last 3 weeks chasing up and down the tree and driving us all mad.Lol

We love her to bits.


Crafty Storage.

For my second site of the week I picked this lovely site by Paula Pascual called Crafty Storage.

It isn’t a “crafts” site as such but is an amazing idea for a craft blog.

It’s all about storing  craft items and has some great videos and photos  showing other crafters studios.

You will pick up some cool ideas for finding places to put all of your craft bits and bobs. I’m green with envy at all of those beautiful studios we are privileged to see.

I fell in love with them all so go check out the site at this link.

My personal favorite was Brenda Waltons Studio, I’d love my to look just like that.

Very cool site Paula.

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Today’s the day

OK today’s the day that I have to sandwich my daughters quilt ready for quilting it.

It’s only taken me 3 years to make the quilt top, cos other things keep getting in the way and it was ment to be for her 18th birthday but that came and went and then I promised her that it would be ready for Christmas that year, and then her birthday and then Christmas… you get the idea!
So today I will get on and hopefully have it ready to go under the machine by teatime tomorrow.

It’s a double and I hand made the top and had intended to hand quilt it. but she has been waiting so long I’ll have to machine it. Bless her she hasn’t pestered me at all for it but I know she’s anxious to have it finished and put it on her bed.

I was a very big project for me to take on, as up untill then I had only ever made a cot quilt for my new (at the time) baby grandson. Not realizing that a hand made double quilt would be such an enormous task. Still I know better now.
I can’t remember where I got the pattern from, I was on a web site somewhere, so I apologize for not mentioning the site but 3 years is a long time and my old gray matter isn’t what it was, Haha!
I think it was called “Kite” or something so if anyone can point me in the direction of any quilt patterns called “Kite” I’ll take a look, if it’s the right site I’ll put a link on here.

I will take some pics of the top before I put it together and upload some to this page for you to see and then some of the finished quilt, cos I’m pleased with myself. Haha!

Anyway best get on with it because my daughter is sat here getting very figgity and raring to get going, I asked her to help put it together, I think she agreed just to get it done.

I did have a few problems when I was putting the quilt top together, some of the strips wouldn’t fit, some too long some too short, but I soon discovered that it was my own fault, I hadn’t been as hot on my 1/4in seam allowance as I should have been. So I had to do a lot of undoing and restitching.

So be warned seam allowances have absolutely GOT to be smack on perfect or it will add to the task of making it and could well put you off finishing yours.

Right, Here goes then!!!

Wish me luck.



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Parents: Edible cake glitter can be bought from most confectioners or you can make your own. Just add a one or two drops of food colouring to sugar crystals, not to much or you might end up with a soggie mess.

Try to use Red and Green food colouring for that added Christmas sparkle.

I would make it before hand and pop it into a jar for the children to FIND in the cupboard.

Hi folks, an update on Magic Reindeer Food.

DD and me have been researching some alternatives to edible cake glitter, which can work out expensive if you only want it for this occation.

Bulgur Wheat
Bulgur wheat colours well with food colouring and dries almost instantly, obviously it dosen’t sparkle but it adds good Christmasy colour to the reindeer food.

A couple of table spoons should be enough.

OR Demerara Sugar is another alternative, again expensive but you only need two large table spoons.

Colour one table spoon full green and the other red, spread out on a plate to dry over night. The sugar will sick together when dry so just break it up the a knife or just your fingers. Works perfectly.

We made a batch with Bulger Wheat and another batch with demerara suger and divided them into 4 lots,we left two lots open in the kitchen and the other two lots in plastic bags to see what would happen to it. To my surprise it didn’t clunp or stick so I think it will keep quite well either way.

When you have made your reindeer food please come back and leave a comment just to let me know how your reindeer food turned out.


Enjoy the fun…

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Magic Reindeer Food

Start the magic of Christmas with a gift for Rudolph and his reindeer friends.

It must be hard work for Rudolph and his friends to fly Santa all over the world on Christmas eve delivering presents to everyone, it’s such a long way to go and all before dawn.

I’m sure Santa takes food for his beloved reindeer to help keep their strength up and to pass the time while Santa is down the chimney delivering all those lovely presents.

But what a surprise it would be to have some Magic Reindeer Food waiting for the Rudolph and his friends when they arrive.

Magic Reindeer Food glows bright at night and although we can’t see it glowing, Rudolph and his team of magic reindeer can.

So why not make some and help the reindeer to find your house as quickly as possable.

This is how to make it…

Take half a cup of reindeer magic oats
sprinkle of edible cake glitter.

(Optional extras…some sultanas or current and maybe a few chocolate chips)

mix it all together while saying the magic words…

“Magic Food glow real bright
Bring Santa to my house tonight
Show the reindeer where to go
from the night sky they’ll see you glow”

Now go outside and sprinkle the Magic Reindeer Food outside you door and say.

“Magic dust just glow tonight give Rudolph and his friends some light”

Don’t worry if you live in a house without a garden or in a block of flats, just sprinkle it close to your home and Rudolph and Santa will find you, and please don’t make the Magic Reindeer Food untill Christmas Eve because the magic won’t work untill then.
Have a very Happy Christmas X

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