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Battersea Dogs Home Blanket.

Not a Christmas make but by the time I’m finished it will be Christmas.

Battersea Dogs Home have put out a plea for knitted blankets for the doggies to keep them warm this winter. If you want to help out just click on the link and go to The Guardian Newspaper website for information and get your needles out. There you will find a pattern for the blanket squares and the address to send them too.

My own efforts are a little slow, I am not much of a knitter, but I am enjoying the challenge.

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations.

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Christmas Kitty.

I thought you might like to see our new Kitty.

Our pretty little Kitty.

A wave from Cairo.

Cairo. So Sweet.

I think she has a thing for the Christmas Tree, she’s constantly running up and down it, I’ve redressed it everyday since Cairo arrived.

We put our tree up early because my son had to go away to sea and is away untill April, so we had an early Christmas for him and Cairo has spent the last 3 weeks chasing up and down the tree and driving us all mad.Lol

We love her to bits.



Parents: Edible cake glitter can be bought from most confectioners or you can make your own. Just add a one or two drops of food colouring to sugar crystals, not to much or you might end up with a soggie mess.

Try to use Red and Green food colouring for that added Christmas sparkle.

I would make it before hand and pop it into a jar for the children to FIND in the cupboard.

Hi folks, an update on Magic Reindeer Food.

DD and me have been researching some alternatives to edible cake glitter, which can work out expensive if you only want it for this occation.

Bulgur Wheat
Bulgur wheat colours well with food colouring and dries almost instantly, obviously it dosen’t sparkle but it adds good Christmasy colour to the reindeer food.

A couple of table spoons should be enough.

OR Demerara Sugar is another alternative, again expensive but you only need two large table spoons.

Colour one table spoon full green and the other red, spread out on a plate to dry over night. The sugar will sick together when dry so just break it up the a knife or just your fingers. Works perfectly.

We made a batch with Bulger Wheat and another batch with demerara suger and divided them into 4 lots,we left two lots open in the kitchen and the other two lots in plastic bags to see what would happen to it. To my surprise it didn’t clunp or stick so I think it will keep quite well either way.

When you have made your reindeer food please come back and leave a comment just to let me know how your reindeer food turned out.


Enjoy the fun…

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A List of Craft Blogs and Web Sites

On my travels around the net looking for suitable craft sites to list on TheCraftWitch’s blog I came across this list of sites. All UK based and ranked in order of visits to each site.

I’ve had a look around it and there seems to be some really good sites to check out. Go see, I’m sure you’ll find something related to you niche.

Some of my favorites…

It’s All Fiddle Fart

The Cats Whiskers

Paper Crafts by Rach

Crafty Blogs

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The Sewing Cottage.

Right or wrong I’m going to start my blog with an introduction to my sewing web site

I should think a lot of people will be a bit miffed that I’m starting with a site of my own instead of one belonging to someone else but I can and will bring other web sites to you soon so I thought I’d start with my own.

TheSewingCottage is new and it about all things sewing related, with a little bit of knitting thrown in too, so If you want to pop over and take a look please feel free. If when you get there you don’t see a section on the type of crafts your into then just drop me a line and maybe between us we can come up with something for you and others in your niche.

So far we have a forum, magazine news, photos and videos.

Anyway I hope you like it and will feel the urge to join.


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